Saturday, March 12, 2011

Operation Apples

On March 9th, Davin had his 6-month check up!  He had a great appointment and even smiled at all the women in the office, such a flirt already!  Our baby boy is growing right on track and will definitely be tall and lean just like his Daddy.  His pediatrician also said its time for Davin’s 1st foods!  I was so excited to hear that but at the same time, it is sad to see him growing up so fast.  He has really changed in the last couple of weeks and is developing such a cute personality.  His laugh makes us laugh daily!  His appointment wrapped up and we were on to our next mission: Operation Apples!  I thought this would be the perfect fruit to start him on since Dace loves apples and I craved applesauce during my pregnancy.  We loaded up on the goodies at the grocery store and hurried home so Dace could participate in this exciting milestone.  We were so anxious to see his reaction and even got the camera ready.  Aunt Dara also stopped by to join in.  Davin was in his high chair, bib was on, apples and baby spoon were ready-Operation Apples was in full swing.  First taste was underway and to our surprise, he hated it!  He did not want to have anything to do with the baby food!  This is one of those moments captured best on video :-)


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  1. Operation Apples is a bust!!! Adorable video...little man is growing too fast! He looks like his momma eating applesauce...I'm sure "Operation Bananas" will go smoother!:-)
    Love you dearly!